A Candle’s Second Life

I get it; your makeup brushes look really cool and chic in a repurposed diptyque Paris candle. I’ve followed this Pinterest trend myself and know it works well, but I’ve seen it done the same way too many times. Plus, I decided that this is actually the perfect concept to apply to other organizational efforts.


I like to burn candles on a frequent basis, and I always feel bad about trashing pretty packaging after the scent dies. Placing a glass jar – similar or different to a diptyque one – in the dishwasher will clean it free of wax. The package often still smells nice after the cycle is complete.
So besides the previously mentioned mix of cosmetic brushes, what other uses have these old candles gotten me? Most recently I’ve created a new home for cotton balls, which are now more easily reachable when I need one. The Moroccan-inspired design of Voluspa’s Maison Rouge Muscari scented candle serves as a place for restaurants’ match boxes in my kitchen, and I can’t forget my Bond No. 9 Madison Square Park candle; a hot pink holder that brightens my desk holding pens.


Designer candles are expensive, but this tactic could save you money from buying other organizational knick-knacks. Do you have any ideas for pretty, and repurposed, organization?

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