Building the Hair Arsenal

Washing my hair is a task that I like to avoid as much as I can. Not to be grunge central, but it’s literally one of the biggest beauty pains. So in an attempt to lighten my routine and be more punctual in real life, I wash my hair at night, then use a dry shampoo in the morning to spruce up the volume.
To explain this dreaded cleansing process, I start by washing my locks with Bumble and bumble’s gentle shampoo, followed by Kiehl’s Amino Acid conditioner. I add a dollop of Morrocan Oil mixed with Aveda’s Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to towel-dried hair. I then use a Goody’s Ouchless Hair Elastic to section my hair, which makes it less of a mess to dry. And speaking of drying, my new hairdryer is amazing. My old tool definitely didn’t hold a candle to this baby.


Bio Ionic’s PowerLight Pro-Dryer is the best thing to grace my hair arsenal. It’s ultra-lightweight and easy to handle, plus it’s equipped with variable temperature settings. I know it’s not damaging my hair, and that’s a nice feeling when compared to my ancient past dryer. This Bio Ionic pick comes with two nozzles, both of which significantly quicken the drying process. These attachments also help to smooth the hair and reduce frizz, and that ultimately lessens the time that I have to spend with a straightener. It’s a good thing all around, no?
If it makes my life easier, then it’s worth the investment. This personal theory also applies to products in my beauty arena, including the PowerLight Pro-Dryer. Though it retails at $220, this tool embodies full salon quality and is backed by a 5 year guarantee. Just think about how many cheap dryers you could purchase – surely soon to be broken – versus one major investment that won’t damage your hair. This is surely a product that needs to be added to your stylin’ and profilin’ routine.

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