Frenchie Friday: Vote

I usually don’t enter online contests. I guess it would depend, but now that I’ve found a good one I really want to win it. On behalf of Pete, of course. That’s why he’s a contestant in the second annual NOVADog Cover Dog Contest, which is being sponsored by the Washington Humane Society.
So what’s up for grabs? In addition to the coveted cover feature, the winner will also win tickets to the Washington Humane Society’s 26th Annual Bark Ball, where this cover art will be unveiled, along with a professional photography session with NOVADog Magazineto capture the winning cover shot. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY PETE’S CALLING.
He’s pitch perfect pun intended, and I think his actual entry is quite the strong catch. Maybe it’s what you’ve been waiting to see…

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 10.08.03 PM

I know it’s not November 4, but help a frenchie out and V-O-T-E! If you have a Facebook account, click here to submit yours for the count. You don’t have to download the app, but you do have to approve it to confirm you’re a real live human. It literally takes less than a second!
What could be more flossy than one of my frenchies being on a magazine cover? Plus, Pete really needs to redeem himself from this slanderous article.
From one dog lover to another, thanks for your support!

What do you think?

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