Cool Cucumber

We’re all supposed to drink a lot of water, as in at least 8 glasses a day. But when there are so many other liquid temptations – like Izze Sparkling Blackberry and Starbucks coffee for me – it can be difficult to fulfill this important health suggestion.
Aside from the health benefits that H20 offers – including a sounder body and mind – there are beauty perks, too. Wanna shed a few pounds? Research proves that adults who drank two 8-ounce glasses of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner ate 75 to 90 fewer calories during each meal. Better hydration also encourages healthy skin, as well as softer, silkier hair.
But sometimes water is just water, and I don’t always crave it when I’m not exercising. The more Sundays that I visit Dupont Circle’s FRESHFARM Market, I’ve come to realize my appreciation for fresh produce. With that being said, many vendors present a fantastic choice of goods. After recently purchasing some of the healthiest looking cucumbers, I took a tip from spa life and tied it to my drive for more daily H20.


Cucumber-infused water literally takes less than 5 minutes to create, and it’s super refreshing for summer. Plus it allows me to fulfill this whole water quota in a more creative way. I first fill a large pitcher with water, then slice one cucumber into small pieces. I let the pitcher chill in the fridge for a while, and when it’s finally poured it tastes delicious. Plus it turns out that cucumbers are a health advantage themselves; a superfood if you will. They’re said to be a hangover cure, a vitamin-booster, and an excellent source in promoting joint health.

photo 2(3)

A glass of cucumber water reaches fewer than 5 calories; a far cry from other beverages that I could crave. But now that I’m on this bandwagon, it’s not so bad. For future concoctions, orange slices or mint might make nice additions to the pitcher. But when water is your slate, adding any vegetable or fruit can’t really mess it up…

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