Wedding Walks

I’m a flats girl, but I can occasionally make do with wedges. When I mentioned that I was going to pair fancy flat sandals with a maxi for an upcoming wedding, my Mother immediately shot me a look and said ABSOLUTELY NOT. For one, I’m of short stature, but I also think this was a mere lapse in my fashion-forward brain. I then began to search for a pair of wearable, complaint-resistant heels to don with a Cos number I picked up in London. Speaking of this store – an extension of H&M – it’s actually amazing. I’d go back across the pond just to shop there, if only in my retail dreams.
After a brief hunt, I found the necessary pair of heels at the Cole Haan store in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Their Chelsea Open-Toe Slingback in Orange Pop Suede is jazzed with a gold heel, but still neutral enough with its earthy tone. The shoe is packed with Nike AIR technology in its forefoot and heel, so all-day comfort won’t be an issue. I’m more than certain that I’ll get my money’s worth out of multiple wears.


As it is high-time wedding season, heels are certainly in demand. Comfort is key, and I’m starting to swear by Cole Haan; the decision based solely on their always well-made, long-lasting products. I like to go the open-toe route because of the current season, but if you don’t want to shell out the sale price of $199 like I did, here are a few other options that are under $100 for your wedding season wear:


neutral (l-r): 1 2 3
fun (l-r): 1 2 3
walkable (l-r): 1 2 3

What do you think?

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