Frenchie Friday: Heat

Humidity does not fare well in the world of french bulldogs. They can’t handle the heat literally, and their snouts – though cute – are really just too small. Murphy has the hardest time with humidity, which is most obvious by way of his heavy breathing and straight up stopping in the middle of walks.


He looks like a happy boy in the park, but he was a hot one, too – just look at his tongue. Though I like for my frenchies to spend a lot of time outside, this plan isn’t feasible during the summer months. But all dogs – even Pete and Murphy – must spend time in the fresh air somehow, so I thought I’d share a few tips to help these small-snouted fur friends beat the heat.
As much as I’m not an early riser, long walks are best for mornings, as well as later during evenings. The sun isn’t as harsh, and neither is the temperature. I always bring a portable water bowl on any canine-related outdoor excursion, and I find that my Longchamp is the best bag for such necessities. Sometimes it’s Tupperware, but I really like this travel bowl by Kurgo. It’s sturdy, collapsible, and dishwasher-safe. Plus it’s design won’t allow the bowl to tip over like other mesh options.
Along with a bottle of water and bowl, I also pack a few paper towels. If an emergency strikes – and that has happened before – the towels can be damped and then placed around the pup’s paws, neck, and ears to cool them down. A cheap water spray bottle is another great option.
In truth, the safest way to keep Pete and Murphy safe from a heat stroke is to keep them somewhat close to an air conditioner. As in we can’t go too far away from home. I take them to City Dogs Daycare on a fairly regular basis, which allows them to expel energy in a safe, temperature-controlled environment. It’s worth a look at doggie daycare options in your area for a fantastic service like this one.

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