My Look Be Like

I stepped out for dinner in Club Monaco’s Hazel Tank, one of my favorite Cole Haan crossbodys, Ferragamo’s black leather Varina flat, and a simple pair of black skinny pants.


The more I thought about it, bright yellow stripes mixed with black staples really reminds me of something. Awnings. Only chic ones, that is. I’m thinking Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, or an amazing resort’s poolside. It’s clear that inspiration can come from your style even after you’ve put your look together…
I like the summer resort look, awning-inspired or not. You can snag the Hazel Tank on sale, and I’m a fan of Cole Haan’s Linley Canteen Crossbody as another option to my older style, which is discounted here. And though I rarely catch Ferragamo flats on sale, they’re certainly worth the investment; comfortable, chic, and classic.

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