Earn on eBay

The more I move, the more I eBay. Speaking of moving, this will be the third – and last – time I move in a while. So in preparation, I’ve seriously cleaned out my closet, also donating clothes and pondering the options of what to do with the nice items that I never use anymore.
I’ve consigned clothing before, and I’ve also ebay’ed in the past. But ever since I heard that e’bay waived listing fees because that sucked, I wanted to give it a try.
I left my first item listed for seven days. I initially priced lower, and the final bid ended up being significantly more than I expected. But now I think I’m addicted because it’s so easy. Once you make an account, or if you already have one, a few tips that may help in clearing your closet:

Use your iPhone if it takes good pictures. Mine does, and I try to set the item against a neutral background or my kitchen wall. You can edit if needed once you’ve uploaded them to your listing.

Selecting its condition is easy to decide – is it new with a box? Worn before? Add as many details as you can think of, and be honest: color of hardware; age; damages; how much you’ve used it. With shoes, the size is obviously important, but try to describe the fit, too. And make sure to put No Returns – I enter it in the biggest font and size possible because even though it’s noted on the offical ebay listing, it’s not seen read. More information on the ad will save you from answering tons of private messages.
You can choose how long you want the listing up: 3, 5, or 7 days. I’ve used 7 but have lately been trying 5. It’s also possible to delay the listing until a certain date. eBay generates an estimation that most use for shipping, and it’s the easiest. The shipping fees are already included when the buyer submits payment through Paypal. International shipping is optional.
Are you just a shopper on eBay, or do you also sell items? Any helpful tips?

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