#TBT: Lilo


Maybe I fall for everything. Actually, I know I do. And after the recent Oprah v. Lindsay showdown on OWN, I actually ended my evening feeling a little sympathy for Lilo. As in I think she might be for real this time about her recovery. So I’m hoping it’s not another marketing pitch – or, in this case, a comeback – that will eventually fail. The Mighty O has a way with things, and this time she may be helping Lindsay get her career back in action.


Lindsay recently launched a style blog – lindsaylohan.com – and she’s got other projects in the works; most recently her talked-about role on HBO’s Eastbound & Down. Plus, her performance in The Canyons actually wasn’t a mess, and neither was her hosing gig on Chelsea Lately. Once upon a time, I remember sitting in a theater watching her in The Parent Trap, and then in high school when Mean Girls was released. It’s true that Lindsay was once a tween icon, and what better way to honor what she was – and will hopefully be again – on this Throwback Thursday.

Ribbet collage

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I’m not the only one who believes the comeback hype. A few sources reputable or not that agree? Here, here, and here. What do you think?

What do you think?

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