Back to Birkenstocks

In third grade, I demanded that Birkenstock clogs be charged to my tab aka Mom’s Visa. A pair of the same brand’s sandals were quickly thrown into that shopping cart too, and I remained a secret fan continuing long throughout high school. They’re seriously comfortable shoes and, damn, if those original clogs didn’t last forever. But like the switch of a light, the brand suddenly became uncool and, being a follower versus a leader at the time, my Birkenstock phase abruptly ended. However, just as everything does eventually come full circle, Birkenstocks are back.


I’ve been spotting the brand more and more, and in Vogue’s September edition at that. It’s clear they’re versatile shoes, even with a silk robe.


But seriously, the fall season is all about transition. Sandals like these or these can easily be paired with knits and pants, with or sans socks. It doesn’t all have to be about the Jesus look, right? May have taken that too far.





I’ve heard that some things never go out of style; so does this theory apply to Birkenstocks, too?

What do you think?

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